No Warranties and Disclaimer

No Warranties and Disclaimer

Under No Circumstances shall Our Child's Keeper Site  hereinafter “Our Child's Keeper” nor its Officers, Board Members, Shareholders and Advisory Board be liable for any injuries or damages that result from the use of, or the inability to use, the Information in this site. Our Child's Keeper shall not be liable for any loss, injury, or damage caused, in whole or in part, by its actions, omissions, or negligence in procuring, compiling, delivering or teaching the Information, including for contingencies beyond its control. In no event shall Our Child's Keeper be liable whatsoever for any accidents, injuries, or damages thereof, including, without limitation for: Any accidents, injuries or damages resulting from anyone utilizing the Information contained within Our Child's Keeper and including  in any capacity, including a teaching capacity or student capacity. The user acknowledges that any activities are AT USER’S OWN RISK and that user shall not rely on Our Child's Keeper or Information therein for prevention of injury or damage thereof. Our Child's Keeper is provided on an “as is” and “as available” basis, without any promises of any kind, either express or implied.  

The information presented on or through Our Child's Keeper is made available solely for general information purposes. User acknowledges that the Information on Our Child’s Keeper may relate to health, wellness and physical safety. You acknowledge the inherent risks and dangers in the nature of this type of Information, and by using Information from Our Child’s Keeper, you choose to assume those risks voluntarily, including risk of illness, bodily injury, disability, or death. You assume full responsibility for the choices you make before, during and after your access to the information on Our Child's Keeper.   Our Child's Keeper shall not be held responsible for any and all errors, omissions, or inaccuracies in the Information delivered regardless of how caused, or delays or interruptions in the delivery of the Information; or any decision made by user or action taken by user or not taken by user in reliance upon the technical, philosophical, or physical readiness of a student by some or any use of the Information furnished hereunder. 

Our Child's Keeper makes no warranty, representation or guarantee as to the content, sequence, accuracy, timeliness, completeness or usefulness of the Information or that the Information may be relied upon for any reason. Our Child's Keeper makes no warranty, representation or guaranty that the Information will be uninterrupted or error free or that any defects can be corrected. Our Child's Keeper shall have absolutely no liability in connection with the services including without limitation, any liability for damage to your computer hardware, data, information, content and business resulting from the Information or the lack of information available on the Our Child's Keeper Website.  The Information on Our Child’s Keeper may contain links to other websites that Our Child's Keeper doesn’t own or control. Our Child's Keeper is not responsible for the content or any other aspect of these third-party sites and user should also read their terms and conditions and privacy policies of the third-party sites.

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